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Please sign up on those devices. They will generate a code and give you instructions from there. 

AT THIS MOMENT... This Web Site & The Streaming Channels on the platforms above are not connected!  So if you subscribe on the web site alone, IT WON'T WORK on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick etc. 
This will all be connected SOON!

Cancel Anytime...but keep in mind that we are a small charitable family business that lives and breathes on your $5 a month. You have every right to cancel, but please give it a second and third thought before you do.  Thanks!

    To Cancel, click on your name in the upper right corner. Click MY SUBSCRIPTIONS and follow directions.  DO NOT email or contact us to cancel your subscription. IT WILL NOT be cancelled and you'll be fussy about it. But yeah, you've gotta read stuff.  Please do it through this site on your sign up account page. THANKS!

Yearly Subscriptions &
Monthly subscription payments for previous or current months will not be refunded for any reason. But you may CANCEL ANYTIME.
    If you purchase a subscription on this web site, and wish to have ASY TV on Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire, please  follow the prompts for the streaming channel. You'll be given a code to enter at ... Your subscription will then work on this web site AS WELL as the streaming device. 

     Your payments will be securely processed by STRIPE Payment services which handle many of the largest companies in the world. 

If your payment information is used by anyone fraudulently outside of our control, that case must be handled between your bank and the proper authorities. Please contact us and we will cancel the subscription immediately, Though refunds cannot be processed as ASY TV was not at fault.